The Linnentown Resolution

Linnentown deserves justice.

Justice requires redress.

With the sponsorship of County Commissioner Mariah Parker, the Linnentown Project is in conversation with Athens-Clarke County Mayor & Commission to draft historic legislation which provides recognition and redress for the harms caused by Athens area urban renewal. It is called The Linnentown Resolution for Recognition and Redress. If adopted, this resolution will be the first legislation in the country to enact reparations for Jim Crow era discriminatory practices by federal, state, and local public institutions. 


See the full resolution below!

The resolution makes seven specific demands: 


(1) A public statement from the Mayor & Commission taking responsibility for its collaboration with the University of Georgia and University System of Georgia Board of Regents in the harms committed against Linnentown


(2) A large onsite physical memorial called a “Wall of Recognition”


(3) A monetary account funded by the city to provide the Linnentown community with wealth and asset recompensation


(4) An endowment co-funded by the University System of Georgia


(5) A local Center on Slavery, Race, and Racial Justice co-funded by the University System of Georgia


(6) Historic designation of remaining Linnentown structures


(7) New policies to regulate property acquisition by large public institutions like the University System of Georgia. 


Even though the physical neighborhood has been destroyed, the Linnentown community is alive and ready for action. In the words of Linnentown resident Geneva Johnson Blasingame, “We’re not gone. We’re still here.”

They deserve justice. It is the only moral thing to do. 


So, Linnentown needs your help. It’s time for us to RESPOND to the needs of Athens' Black communities like Linnentown.